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Site of the future SURMAR Lab in Santa Rosalia, BCS, Mexico. credit: P. Daniel
Site of the future SURMAR Lab in Santa Rosalia, BCS, Mexico. credit: P. Daniel

SURMAR-ASIMAR is a collaboration between Stanford University, El Colegio Frontera Sur, Campeche, and the Instituto Technologico Superior de Mulege in Santa Rosalia, BCS. This program will deepen our understanding of natural processes that link the environment and human activities in the Guaymas Basin of the Gulf of California and the Vizcaíno Biosphere Reserve, a region of great biodiversity and a rich variety of marine and terrestrial habitats.

A major goal is to construct a modern laboratory and field station on the ITESME campus to serve as a center for research, education and outreach efforts. This Vizcaino Research Center will be made available to users from any scientific institution. We are currently seeking funding for this specific effort.

SURMAR-sponsored research at VRC will address basic and applied science. Initial efforts will address the ecology of local marine environments, the physiology and behavior of organisms inhabiting these regions, and conservation-related issues. A first project will focus on the ecology, physiology and husbandry of jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) and development of new products from presently wasted viscera in the commercial fishery. A second project will focus on monitoring of intertidal invertebrate communities in the Santa Rosalia area. ITESME students will be involved in all research projects supported by SURMAR.